Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer, Grandfather Ocean, Hahi Te Manakoro, is a spiritual teacher and visionary. 

He is an Ordained Interfaith Minister (2008, The New Seminary of Interfaith Studies). He received his Doctor of Ministry from The New Seminary in Maryland in June 2016. Rev. Anthony walks the path of mystic and shaman.  He is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and published author.  

“My ministry is to walk the path of enlightenment, teaching and guiding people on the way of their way. I fulfill this ministry through the various classes, programs, retreats, books and other sacred services.”

It is who I AM

Rev. Anthony received the vision to create  Visions of the Heart Spiritual Ministries,  which is an interfaith and inclusive spiritual community that gathers in the Takoma Park, MD area.  Visions of the Heart Ministries (Spiritual Life Center) held is first Sunday service on March 20, 2010 in Mount Rainier, MD.  Visions of the Heart Ministries is a church, a school, a healing center, a sacred circle, a community, that provides a variety of services to meet people’s spiritual needs.

Rev. Anthony is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. He is a graduate and served on the faculty of Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, Silver Spring, MD.


He is the author of Conversations with the Elders: The Sacred Journeys  .  Conversations with the Elders is a compilation of Rev Anthony’s spiritual journeys to be in community with The Elders, spiritual teachers.  He is currently writing for 2018 publication, 40-Days from the Temple Deep, Channeled Messages and Insights.

Rev. Anthony has created several spiritual and consciousness development programs including: The Path to Heart – Awaken to the Master Self, Usui Reiki-plus classes and attunements, Feather of Fire Shamanic Circle and Mastermind, and Seven Rings of Fire Rites of Passage.  See Services for more information and schedule.

I am listening

In January 2017, Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer was named “Grandfather Ocean” during a ceremony with the Sacred Grandfathers and Great Spirit.  The name speaks to his “expansive spiritual walk of wisdom, enlightenment and love.”  The Elders said, “Your walk is deep, vast and giving.”

In November 2011, Rev. Farmer received the Dianne Dunn and Christer Lundin Recognition for “pioneer work at the frontier of Interspirituality,” from the Community of The Mystic Heart. 

Rev. Farmer was awarded the Interfaith Messenger Award from The New Seminary in June 2013.  His work in spirituality and personal growth and development spans over twenty years.  Every step along the way has brought him to this sacred point on his journey.








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