My ministry is to guide people to the wisdom, rhythm and light of their heart.  From this expanded consciousness, we experience a deeper relationship with ourselves, and with Mother~Father God/the Creator/the Universe or the Divine and Sacred of our understanding. I am guided, through Spirit, to use various skills, teachings, and technologies to answer the call of the ministry.  The services include: 

Visions of the Heart Ministries

I am the visionary and minister of Visions of the Light Ministries.  On March 20, 2010, we opened the doors to Visions of the Heart Spiritual Life Center.  Visions of the Heart is an Interfaith spiritual community.  It is a group of diverse people coming together to explore, share and expand their spiritual walk, understanding and life,  It is a community of love, wisdom and truth.  We are a growing and affirming spiritual community, located in Takoma Park, MD.

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Usui Reiki-plus Classes and Attunements

The PATH to Heart: Awakening to the Master-Self

Feather of Fire Shamanic Journey & Mastermind Circle

Feather of Fire ~ Shamanic Healing Journey is a 3-month program of the shamanism, the shamanic journey, healing techniques, sacred ceremony, and community.  You learn about shamanism and how to use the tools for personal development and spiritual growth. 

“Using ancient wisdom and technologies to rediscover who you are in the world.”

The sacred circle meets on the 2nd Friday/Saturday of the month, from March 2017 – May 2017, in Beltsville, MD.  The shamanic journey is taught and guided by Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer ~ White Eagle Heart.


Spiritual Intuitive Consultations and Readings

Sacred Consultations are spiritually-driven, intuitively-guided, and heart-centered conversations/sessions.  It is designed to create a sacred and safe space for you to gain clarity and understanding; and, receive healing, guidance and direction to move through issues and life situations.


Payment options for services:

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Conversations with the Elders: The Sacred Journeys

Conversations with the Elders is my record of the sacred journeys to the Elders:  the Elder of Water, Elder of Air, Elder of Earth, and Elder of Fire; as well as other spiritual guides and teachers.    Through spiritual and shamanic journeys, I travel to the world of the Elders and meet at their mountain cabin.  They share wisdom, insights, life experiences, perspectives and love.  Being with the Elders is like spending a Saturday afternoon with your grandparents.  I am guided to share these sacred journeys with others.

The Conversations with the Elders: The Sacred Journeys, Vols. 1-3 is available in paperback (e-book format coming soon).

Conversations with the Elders on

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